Asian Pacific Islander

The Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus of DRUUMM meets at least monthly via Zoom. Check the calendar for upcoming events. A/PIC also maintains an active email list and private Facebook group.


The Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus (“A/PIC”) of the UUA People of Color Organization, DRUUMM (Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries) endeavors to build a safe and sacred community among DRUUMM members based in the US or Canada who identify, wholly or in part, as Asian, Asian-American, and/or Pacific Islander.

To this end, we pledge to:

Support one another in our spiritual journeys as UUs;

Create a supportive, resilient, and spiritual community that fosters identity formation and ministers to our culturally-specific needs, honoring the complex diversity of Asian and Pacific Islander histories and cultures;

To effectively advocate for our needs within Unitarian Universalism;

Expand and implement existing anti-racism and anti-oppression work of the UUA by sharing with others our A/PI perspective and experiences, especially addressing the role of white supremacy in our denomination and communities;

Provide advocacy and education for the respectful use of authentic API heritage, culture and customs, and spiritual traditions within our spiritual communities;

Work in synergy with DRUUMM and other partners, including BLUU, to collectively identify and transform the structures of oppression towards an equitable, inclusive, and just community

To engage in caucus activities and be included on the mailing list, please indicate your interest in your DRUUMM membership record, or contact [email protected]