Mission and Values

Mission Statement

As People of Color mobilized in an anti-racist collective, we unite to:

  • Work for self-determination, justice and equal opportunity,
  • Empower our various ministries,
  • Celebrate our diverse heritages,
  • Overcome racism through resistance,
  • Transform and enrich Unitarian Universalism through our multicultural experiences.

Working Values

As part of DRUUMM’s renewal, the Steering Committee spends time in deep reflection and prayer on our core working values. What follows is our effort to further the mission of DRUUMM, center our ministry and articulate our culture that we seek to foster within Unitarian Universalism, the UUA and the wider world. These values were first co-created in 2016 in Chicago, and reaffirmed in 2022 at our meeting in Atlanta.

*People of Color

The United States is a race-based society made up of a dominant White group and several other racially defined groups which have been and continue to be oppressed in specific ways. While race is a social construct created by the dominant White group to oppress and exclude the other groups from the power and resources of the society, race has also been used by oppressed peoples to build group solidarity and a culture of survival and resistance. Racism has also created barriers that separate oppressed groups from one another. While each oppressed group is affected by racism differently and each group maintains its own unique identity and culture, there is also the recognition that racism has the potential to unite oppressed people in a collective of resistance. For this reason, many individuals who identify as members of racially oppressed groups also claim the political identity of being People of Color. This in no way diminishes their specific cultural or racial identity; rather, it is an affirmation of the multiple layers of identity of every individual.