Welcome Noemi, Farewell Jolanda

As we embrace the ebb and flow of change within our vibrant community, DRUUMM is at a healthy crossroads of farewell and welcome. We express our deepest gratitude to Jolanda Walter, whose dedication has significantly shaped our community as we have evolved from being an all-volunteer organization. Jolanda’s commitment to DRUUMM has been a beacon of support and innovation, and as she transitions into a super volunteer role on our DRUUMM Village @ GA team, we are thankful for her continued presence in our community.

Jolanda’s work in building up our operational systems, championing our fundraising endeavors, and her meticulous care in onboarding members has been instrumental in our growth. Her efforts have ensured a seamless transition, embodying the spirit of stewardship and continuity.

Noemi de Guzman and Jolanda Walter

We are proud to introduce Noemi de Guzman as our new Administrator. We say “Mabuhay”, the Tagalog Filipino word for welcome! A longtime member from Northern California, Noemi brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to our mission. Her journey began in the Philippines, moving to the United States at the age of seven and growing up on Ohlone Land. Noemi’s rich background includes significant roles in health equity and administration, both in large organizations and within Unitarian congregational settings.

Noemi’s academic and professional journey through UC Berkeley and San Francisco State, where she designed a special major focused on race, culture, and health equity, aligns perfectly with DRUUMM’s core values and our commitment to serving BIPOC communities. Her diverse skills in languages, including Tagalog, Spanish, and French, and her personal interests from meditation to culinary explorations enrich her multifaceted approach to leadership and community engagement.

In her new role as Administrator, Noemi will be responsible for managing the DRUUMM email inbox, supporting operations, overseeing membership management, and coordinating event logistics. Her role is pivotal in ensuring that DRUUMM’s operations are smooth and efficient, allowing us to better serve our community and uphold our mission.

We are excited for Noemi to build on the strong foundations laid by her predecessors, including Jolanda, and to continue developing supportive structures that allow DRUUMM’s mission to thrive. Her appointment marks a new chapter in our journey, one we look forward to with great anticipation and hope.

Please join us in thanking Jolanda for her incredible service and in welcoming Noemi to her new role. Together, we continue to weave a shared ministry that honors our diverse experiences and upholds our commitment to equity, justice, and the Unitarian Universalist principles.

For more information about DRUUMM and our programs, visit druumm.org and members say hello on our Slackspace (request an invitation from [email protected]). Here’s to new beginnings and continued growth!

Noemi de Guzman