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Open Letter to Unitarian Universalist Colleagues on the War and Occupation in Palestine

DRUUMM supports this open letter and invites our members and friends to contemplate and consider signing on. “This is one of those on hell on earth moments. I believe that every day we organize collectively and risk publicly, we provide a visible response to the violence. This response is akin to a protective factor as […]

We Count What Matters: The Quest for Accurate Racial/Ethnic Data

It’s a call for self-awareness that dates back to the 1981 UUA Racism Audit and echoes still in our 2020 Widening the Circle Report. The collective cry for consistent racial and ethnic data collection has yet to be adequately addressed by UU institutions. Currently, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) […]

We Count What Matters

One of the most common responses to a Person of Color in our congregations learning about DRUUMM is that they wish they had known about our community and programs earlier. Too often, People of Color are isolated and disconnected from our larger multicultural ministry. DRUUMM is launching a campaign called “We Count What Matters,” focused […]