Local Gatherings

“This is sacred work that shapes our UU faith and is part of a larger sacred vision that has theological depth and makes room for spirit.”
– DRUUMM Values

As part of our faith journey as Unitarian Universalists, we are regularly challenged by the ways race and racism affect our lives and our spirituality. Within our congregations we are creating space to build a community of care among UU People of Color, opportunities to explore deeper questions around race, culture and our religious values.

DRUUMM hosts a series of local gatherings across North America each year. These are generally in-person events at a local congregation, co-hosted by a UU BIPOC group of leaders, and open to members and BIPOC friends in the area. Our goal is to nurture new relationships between UU People of Color in the area, discuss some of the historical developments of UU People of Color and anti-racism efforts, and learn more about what the community needs and interests are.

We generally have a worship, deep introductions, shared meal, and a short program. If you are interested in hosting a local gathering, please reach out to us. We would love to build with you – [email protected].

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