Organizational ByLaws


Adopted 2000
Amended by Membership Vote 2015

Article I: Name

Section 1. Name 

  1. The name of this organization is Diverse & Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM).

Article II: Mission

Section 1. Mission

  1. As People of Color mobilized in an anti-racist collective, we unite to:
    1. Work for self-determination, justice and equal opportunity,
    2. Empower our various ministries,
    3. Celebrate our diverse heritages,
    4. Overcome racism through resistance,
    5. Transform and enrich Unitarian Universalism through our multicultural experiences.

Section 2. Racial Justice Community Covenant: Resistance and Harmony

  1. Our unique identity within Unitarian Universalism as a diverse, anti-racist People of Color community, carries with it both responsibilities and opportunities. Therefore, we covenant with one another to:
    1. Change the racial status quo in the Unitarian Universalist Association,
    2. Develop tools and strategies to work together,
    3. Remain together and present with one another through disagreement and conflict,
    4. Connect to this organization and one another throughout our professional and personal affiliations with the UUA,
    5. Provide vision and leadership for the Journey Toward Wholeness,
    6. Hold one another accountable in our efforts to become an anti-oppressive faith community.

Section 3. Personal Support

  1. The organization will from time to time set forth specific goals and develop programs to support, nurture and advocate for individual members and for the community as a whole. We will pay particular attention to serving the needs of youth, young adults and families in our community as these groups are especially under-represented in current UUA services and programming.

Section 4. Professional Support

  1. Recognizing the particular challenges ministers, religious educators and other professional staff face working in the UUA, its congregations as well as affiliate, associate and other organizations, DRUUMM will from time to time set forth specific goals and create programs to support the work and personal lives of its professional members.

Article III: Membership

Section 1. Membership

  1. Membership in the organization is open to persons who are Unitarian Universalist members and friends, persons working for the UUA, its congregations, and affiliate, associate and other organizations, and persons training for ministry, religious education or other professional capacities who:
    1. Self-identify and live as Persons of Color
    2. Make an annual recorded financial contribution
    3. Support the mission of the organization

Section 2. Annual Meeting

  1. The DRUUMM Steering Committee shall convene an annual meeting of members to conduct the general business of the organization.  The president or designee will convene and moderate this meeting. Prior to the meeting, the Steering Committee will send out a written agenda for the meeting as well as the organization’s annual report at least 30 days in advance.  The Annual Meeting shall attempt to reach unanimous agreement on all decisions, or if unanimous agreement cannot be achieved, by a majority vote of members present.

Section 3. Gatherings

  1. Additional public and private gatherings may also be held during General Assembly, but these will not constitute a “business meeting.” These events will include the full spectrum of People of Color, with specific emphasis on bringing together youth, young adults and professionals.
  2. Regional meetings will be encouraged and supported by the organization. These meetings will be for the personal and professional support of DRUUMM members as well as to nurture, educate and celebrate the community. These gatherings are intended to meet a broad range of needs, but are not intended to be business meetings.

Article IV: Steering Committee

Section 1. Duties

The affairs of DRUUMM shall be managed by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee may maintain a policies and procedures document to further outline roles and responsibilities.

Section 2.  Composition.

The Steering Committee shall be composed of the following members:

  1. President
  2. 1st Vice President/President-Elect
  3. 2nd Vice President
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Outreach Coordinator
  7. Communications Coordinator
  8. GA Coordinator
  9. UUA Liaison

Section 3.  Term and Election.

The term of office shall be three years.  The Steering Committee shall make provisions to stagger the terms so that each year as close to one third of the terms shall expire.  A Steering Committee member may serve a maximum of 6 consecutive years.

Section 4.  Removal.

Any member may be removed, with or without cause, by a vote of a majority of the voting members at a meeting called for that purpose.

Section 5.  Vacancies.

Vacancies on the Steering Committee may be appointed by a majority vote and serve until the next annual meeting.

Section 6.  Quorum and Action.

A quorum at the Steering Committee shall be a majority of the number of members in office immediately before the meeting begins. The Steering Committee shall attempt to reach unanimous agreement on all decisions. If a quorum is present, action is taken by unanimous agreement, or if unanimous agreement cannot be achieved, by a majority vote of members present.

Section 7.  Meetings.

The Steering Committee will meet in person or by conference call as the President or designee deems necessary in order to provide for the stewardship needs of the organization.

Article V. Committees

Section 1.  Committees.

The Steering Committee may establish committees or task forces as it deems necessary and desirable. Such bodies may exercise functions of the Steering Committee or may be advisory by resolution of the Steering Committee.

Section 2.  Nominating Committee

  1. The Steering Committee shall appoint one member and at least two other members of the organization to serve as the Nominating Committee, who will recruit a slate of candidates at least 30 days before the annual meeting to fill vacant positions for election at the General Business Meeting of the membership.

Article VI. Bylaw Changes

Section 1. Review of bylaws

  1. The Steering Committee will review the bylaws every three years and propose revisions as needed.
  2. Proposed revisions are to be sent out in written form to the membership at least four months before the regular annual meeting for review and comment. Decisions to adopt or amend the proposed changes will be made at the annual meeting.

Section 2. Amendments

  1. The bylaws can be amended outside the regular three year review period. Members must submit proposed revisions in writing to the Steering Committee.
  2. The Steering Committee will notify the membership of the proposed amendment, in writing at least 30 days before the annual. The member/s making the proposal may submit additional material explaining the need for the amendment, which will be distributed to members as well.
  3. The Steering Committee may choose to distribute additional materials to members which may or may not support the proposed amendment. Decisions to adopt or change the proposed amendment will be made at the annual meeting.

Article VIII: Dissolution

Section 1. Dissolution

  1. DRUUMM may be dissolved by the consensus of the membership.
  2. The Steering Committee will notify all members in good standing of the intention to dissolve the organization six months before what would normally be the annual general meeting, however, the purpose of this meeting will be to decide whether or not to dissolve the organization as well as the disposition of the assets and records of the organization.

Section 2 Disposition of Assets

  1. Upon dissolution of the organization, assets will be disbursed as follows. Grant monies shall be return or distributed in accordance with the policies of the grant making body. Additional resources will be donated to another organization which has goals similar to DRUUMM’s goals. This organization does not need to be a UU organization, and will be chosen by the Steering Committee after consulting with the membership.

Section 3. Disposition of Records

  1. Disposition of DRUUMM’s records shall be determined by the Steering Committee at the time of dissolution. Efforts should be made to ensure these records will be available to future of Unitarian Universalist People of Color as appropriate.

Adopted June 24th, 2000
Amended June 26, 2015