Worship Together

Worship is one of the most vital aspects of DRUUMM. It is where we can be together in joy and sorrow, where we can live out our UU principles, and where we can support each other to grow and heal. 

We want our members to have regular opportunities to worship with our Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Arab American, Desi, Asian American and Pacific Islander ministers and lay leaders. We know that not all our DRUUMM members have these opportunities to worship with their BIPOC community and we want to offer these spaces on a regular basis. We also know that many of our UU congregations have very low racial or ethnic diversity and it can feel isolating to be one of only a few BIPOC people in a congregation like that. Worshiping online together at various local congregations all over the U.S. (and beyond if we can grow that way) can highlight the ways that Unitarian Universalism does have a vibrant BIPOC presence when we can get together virtually across geographies like this. 

Most importantly, we have so many brilliant BIPOC ministers and lay leaders who are offering powerful and beautiful ministries. Let’s support their ministries and support our spiritual growth as a community together. Our goal is to feature at least one BIPOC-led, multi-platform (must have a virtual option), UU worship service each month. We especially encourage DRUUMM religious professionals and lay members to submit your worship.

Please complete this form if you would like DRUUMM to consider featuring your BIPOC-led worship service at least 4 weeks in advance to provide us with enough time. Approved submissions will have their worship service amplified via our communication channels including a special email invitation to over 1,000 people in our network, and archived on our website. We would love to partner with you!

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