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2024 DRUUMM Sponsorship Invitation

Dear Beloveds and Friends of DRUUMM, As DRUUMM President, I am writing to seek your support for our 2024 DRUUMM Public Worship & Fundraiser. It will be held on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 at 8:00pm Eastern. Our guest preacher is the Reverend Ali C Bell of Cedar Lane, Maryland and musical artist Saunder Choi of Santa Monica, California. Our liturgist […]

Overcoming Overwhelm with Compassion

The following is a transcription from Rev. Summer Albayati’s reflection from Refugee In My Own Home: A Unitarian Universalist Vigil for Gaza held last December 3rd, 2023. Click here for the Youtube recap. Beloveds, I’m the Reverend Summer Albayati. I’m Iraqi, Arab, Muslim, a UU minister. It is good that you’re here today. Thank you […]

Birds of Paradise: A Prayer for Gaza

written by Devin A.C. Dadah Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-RaheemAl-hamdu lillahi Rabb il-‘alaminAr-Rahman Ar-RaheemMaliki yawmi-d-Din [In the name of Allah, the MostBeneficent, the Most Merciful.Praise be to Allah, Lord of the WorldsThe Most Beneficent, the Most MercifulOwner of the Day of Judgement.] It is said the children of Gaza whose time on this earth has come to […]