Unitarian Universalist’s Promise for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

Unitarian Universalist’s Promise for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

Over the last 25 years, DRUUMM members have expressed profound commitments to Unitarian Universalism, both its tradition and its promise. Rev. Manish Mishra-Marzetti, a former DRUUMM President said, “Unitarian Universalism is who I am and it’s in my bones.” Within our community we have heard story after story of BIPOC UUs contending with the faith that we chose to center in our lives – theologies that offer sacred attention to multiple truths, expanding consciousness, centering the margins, and revealing unseen beauty. We also have had to look at what it is now, and “let it go”. For many of us, while Unitarian Universalism resonates deeply, commitment to it can cause painful dissonance because it often requires moving away from a community that affirms our racial identity. But we have been called to this faith, and BIPOC UU are often acutely aware of the tension and question of belonging. Many of us are not going anywhere, and BIPOC UUs are increasingly in congregational leadership and becoming religious professionals at every level of our faith.

  • What is the promise of Unitarian Universalism for BIPOC?
  • What does the future of Unitarian Universalism look like?

Join with DRUUMM members to engage in this discussion at our regional caucuses this Saturday.

DRUUMM Regional Caucuses
Saturday, September 18th 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM Eastern
Register at https://druumm.wildapricot.org/event-4447188

Free for Members. $15 USD for BIPOC friends.

We invite DRUUMM members to participate in our Fall 2021 Regional Caucuses. As we face a world on fire and the dehumanizing impact of racism, we need one another more than ever for our own healing and liberation. We are organizing these member-led BIPOC spaces with the intention of deepening our connections with one another, being present to one another’s stories and truth, and fostering systems of care.  This is sacred work that makes space for the spirit and shapes our UU faith.

The Regional Caucuses will happen simultaneously on Saturday, September 18th. Members will gather via our virtual Zoom room and caucuses will meet in breakout rooms with facilitators. Our agenda will center on relationship building, sharing your story, and checking in. We’ll be focusing our discussion on the ways we are sustained and uplifted as Unitarian Universalists. This is a BIPOC-only program. Allies for Racial Equity will be hosting a concurrent caucus for White anti-racist allies, see www.uuare.org for registration information.

Contact: Dawn Robinson [email protected]


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