A Journey of Faith and Family

We are delighted to share the highlights from our DRUUMM Fall Caucus, an event marked by heartfelt participation and profound discussions among our vibrant community. Dozens of members convened in small groups to embark on conversations that touched upon the essence of our shared experiences as Unitarian Universalists of Color.

The caucus centered around pivotal questions such as “How do you stay grounded as a Unitarian Universalist Person of Color within and among your family?” and “How do you envision faith formation evolving as your family grows and changes over time?” These inquiries opened up spaces for reflection and connection, allowing us to explore our roots and aspirations in faith.

In a virtual circle, we were honored to listen to four esteemed members who shared their insights on our theme: navigating the intricacies of multi-religious

and multicultural family dynamics within Unitarian Universalism. Their stories highlighted our collective pursuit of authenticity and the affirmation of our diverse family systems.

Our panelists were:

– Rev. Natalie Fenimore, who provided wisdom from her leadership at Shelter Rock Congregation.

– Aisha Hauser, MSW, whose experiences with the Church of the Larger Fellowship brought unique perspectives.

– James Coomes, MSW, who shared his invaluable insights from his work at Neighborhood Church.

– Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, who spoke from her heart about her role as a Migrant Justice Organizer at Community Justice Exchange.

The caucus concluded with members gathering in self-selected groups, delving into personal and collective reflections on centering faith, formation, and spiritual growth within their families, alongside the joys and hurdles of such journeys.

We eagerly anticipate our next caucus on April 20 in the spring of 2024. Keep an eye out for more details to come.

Thank you to each one of you for contributing to the richness of our caucus. Your voices and stories are what make our community thrive.