DRUUMM SC Elections 2023

As a community ministry, we uphold a democratic process where members elect our leadership. DRUUMM holds elections each year to vote on members to serve on our Steering Committee, our highest governing body.

Voting is now open through Sunday, June 11th. Members can vote via a unique poll sent to your email address on file. You can also log in to our member portal at https://druumm.wildapricot.org/Sys/Poll/44462 (your email address is your username) and vote there. If you have not received or cannot access your member ballot, please contact our DRUUMM Administrator, Jolanda Walter – at [email protected] by June 8th.

The following members have graciously agreed to serve, and the DRUUMM Nominating Committee recommends your vote in support. Members are also permitted to write-in a candidate who is an active DRUUMM member. Please view our DRUUMM Candidates Guide at bit.ly/druumm-candidates-2023 with photos & bios of our nominees.

  1. 1st Vice-President: Tomi Fatunde for a 1-year term ending 2024
  2. 2nd Vice-President: Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel for a 2-year term ending 2025
  3. Secretary: Michelle Venegas-Matula for a 2-year term ending 2025
  4. Outreach Coordinator: Nico Van Ostrand for a 3-year term ending 2026

Learn more about DRUUMM leadership and roles at https://druumm.org/about-us/leadership/