Help DRUUMM Raise $2,500 for Faith Formation & Pastoral Care

We invite DRUUMM members and supporters to help us raise $2,500 to support our work with BIPOC UUs in 2022. Our annual Faithify will help us develop a lay pastoral care training that we anticipate launching by the end of 2022, and produce our Elder Spiritual Odyssey programs that connect stories of faith journeys of our elders with younger and future generations.

We live in a religious moment where our Unitarian Universalist Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) ministry is essential in helping members of our congregations and beyond thrive in our liberal religious tradition. DRUUMM has grown to have over 400 members, and we are working intentionally to develop programs that meet the needs identified by our community. Our 2019 DRUUMM Survey heard from over 140 BIPOC UUs, nearly half of our current membership, who expressed a desire for spaces that center the experiences of BIPOC UU, including more worship and liturgical experiences, programs that cultivate faith formation, and opportunities to grow culturally competent pastoral care and restorative justice practices.

We are also conscious of the intense experiences our BIPOC communities have been through, at the forefront of racial justice organizing, grief and loss, and providing spiritual leadership in Unitarian Universalism. Your contribution will help us build a stronger community of care and more peer support resources.

Your donation is gratefully received. 

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