Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal


One of the antidotes to injustice and oppression is organizing, and one of the ways we sustain ourselves is through community-building. DRUUMM has grown to 370 members and together we are building the beloved community. Each of you are essential in this process, and we are grateful.


We are a week away from our May 19th DRUUMM Worship: Becoming Human, Again and Again. This is a unique moment to come together as a larger faith in support of our mission for racial justice and ministry with BIPOC UU. The worship service is open to all, and registration is required (rsvp at As of May 11th, we have 230 registered with 18 co-sponsoring UU groups. Together we have raised $18,000 towards our goal of $25,000. Co-Sponsors have pledged between $30 and $3,000, and we are deeply grateful. We will be sharing the full plate collection from the May 19th worship offering to help us meet the goal.


If your congregation is still considering, our deadline is May 18th to inform us that you would like to co-sponsor and to state your pledge that will be fulfilled by December 31, 2021. We will be recognizing co-sponsors during the service and through our social media.


Here are links, and please reach out if you have any questions.


Thank you to our Co-Sponsors as of May 11th
All Souls DC
Allies for Racial Equity
Central East Region People of Color
Church of the Larger Fellowship
Eastshore Unitarian Church
Eno River UU Fellowship
First Unitarian Church of Rochester
First UU Church of Portland
First UU Church of Richmond
First UU Church of San Antonio
First UU Society of San Francisco
UU Church of Davis
UU Church of the Desert
UU Congregation in Fullerton
UU Congregation of Hudson Valley
UU Ministers Association
UU Service Committee
UUA Multicultural Ministries

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