Embrace Leadership Within DRUUMM

In the heart of DRUUMM lies a profound commitment to the principles of Unitarian Universalism: our faith centers on love, justice, and the search for truth and meaning. Our mission is deeply rooted in these values, guiding us to nurture leadership and build our wider community. We believe in the power of uniting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), enriching Unitarian Universalism and beyond with our lived experiences, vision for the world we dream of, and our diverse cultural gifts. Our journey is one of collective faith formation, mentoring, and building connections that transcend the ordinary, creating a space where more voices are valued in our congregations and community, and where every BIPOC UU will flourish.

A Call to Service and Growth

We invite you to join us in this transformative endeavor as we open positions for dynamic members eager to explore leadership within a Unitarian Universalist context. Serving in DRUUMM is more than a role; it’s an opportunity to engage deeply with our faith, embodying its principles as we work together towards a multicultural, justice-oriented future. Learn about our mission and how you can make a meaningful impact at druumm.org, where our organizational bylaws also reflect our commitment to these values.

Opportunities to Lead and Inspire

Our Steering Committee is essential in steering DRUUMM towards its aspirations, embodying Unitarian Universalist principles in every decision and action. Join us in roles open for election in May 2024, with an application deadline of April 15, 2024:

Outreach Coordinator (3-year term)
Communications (3-year term)
Treasurer (3-year term)
Continental Conference Planners: Crafting Transformative Experiences

Help plan our major in-person conference in April 2025, a pivotal moment for BIPOC UUs to connect, share, and grow together. This initiative offers a unique chance to shape a landmark event in alignment with our annual Finding Our Way Home gathering.

Collaborate with leaders from Local BIPOC UU groups to identify and deploy resources that enhance BIPOC ministry within our congregations and regions, fostering a community that lives out our faith’s commitment to justice and inclusion.

Build community within our culturally/racially specific caucus that meets periodically throughout the year. Engage, invite, facilitate, and empower members to live out their values and experience stronger mutual support.

Join this vital group in periodically reviewing and recommending governance changes, ensuring our bylaws resonate with Unitarian Universalist values and the dynamic needs of our BIPOC community.

Contribute to our vibrant annual program that runs concurrently with the UUA General Assembly. This team creates a space for worship, dialogue, and learning, embodying the richness of our BIPOC experiences within the broader Unitarian Universalist faith.

How You Can Make a Difference

If you feel the call to leadership and share our commitment to Unitarian Universalist values, we warmly invite you to express your interest. Complete the DRUUMM Interest form to start your journey with us. We are excited to connect with you, explore collaborative opportunities, and together, forge a path of transformative leadership rooted in faith, diversity, and justice.