Welcome Jolanda, New Administrator

Welcome to Jolanda Walter, our new administrative consultant who will be working part-time with DRUUMM. Jolanda will be supporting our membership development and events with a focus on our April 29th Spring Caucus, May 11th Public Worship, and General Assembly in Pittsburgh June 21-25th.

This is the evolution of a role that our beloved Dawn Robinson served in for the last several years on loan from the UUA. Dawn’s work has been essential in our growth and sustainability. Dawn continues full-time with the UUA. Thank you, Dawn! Thank you also to our members, ally donors, and the UUA, who have helped raise funds for more consistent and, for the first time in our history, maintaining a small professional staff to serve our community. 

Here is a self-introduction from Jolanda. Please extend your own welcome to her at [email protected].

Jolanda Walter, Black, cis female, she/they
Jolanda is the daughter of James and Arlene Walter. She has never lived a day without love and is grateful for my blessed family. She resides in Bulbancha, colonized as so-called New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jolanda is the wife of Jakub (Czech) and the mother of Amelie and Matyas. She also cares for two cats (Lewis & Hissy) and two dogs (Mocha & Mirabeau). She likes her water with bubbles and lemon. She likes her coffee black. She loves a good pilsner.

She also loves to travel, roller, skate, bike, eat and listen to music. She was first introduced to DRUUMM at General Assembly 2016 in Columbus, where her Unitarian Universalist faith was affirmed. After taking a break from a massive amount of UU volunteering, she’s back and joyfully, happily, and excited to serve the DRUUMM community.

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