What DRUUMM has to offer

As we continue our membership drive, we invite you to share the benefits and opportunities that come from belonging with DRUUMM. Your ideas and financial support shape what we have to offer. We’ve been growing over the last few years and are proud to be able to have incredible folks like you in our community. Together, we provide a vital space for connection and empowerment.

The DRUUMM Website at druumm.org is your front door to our ministry and activities. Members have login credentials that allow you to access a contact directory, special events, and other exclusive resources such as our Timeline Project of BIPOC history and details on POC networks and how to get engaged. For current members, your email is your login, and you may reset your password anytime.

Share in the art and words of members from around the world through The DRUUMM Beat, our monthly newsletter. Read up on the latest news and highlights from our community. We invite members to submit poetry, reflections and your creative work that connects with your journey as a person of color and/or experience in Unitarian Universalism for our publication.

Our Chaplain Team of ministers are available for members who seek pastoral care and support as people of color in Unitarian Universalism. We aim to respond to requests within 48-72 hours.

The Gathering Place is our private Facebook group, serving as a safe and supportive environment for BIPOC UUs to connect, share experiences, and exchange ideas. In a world where representation and understanding can sometimes feel scarce, this space becomes a beacon of solidarity and kinship.

Worship Together is our monthly offering of BIPOC-led worship available in person or virtual.

We host major events each year including our Spring Caucus coming up April 20th, our Public Worship with Rev. Ali C. Bell and Saunder Choi on May 8th, and DRUUMM Village at the virtual General Assembly in June 2024. Plus look for our Continental conference in 2025. Learn more and register at druumm.org/events.

We co-sponsor local and regional gatherings that bring together members and friends from area congregations. These are opportunities to build community and grow in spirit together. 

Our Slack space facilitates real-time conversations and collaboration among members. when you become a member, you’ll receive an invitation to join.

Our YouTube channel is growing with worship and seminars available on-demand. This is an emerging space and we welcome your suggestions on what new content would be meaningful to you.

Your support makes all this and more possible. As members of DRUUMM, you are active contributors to a vibrant and inclusive community. Embracing opportunities for engagement and involvement, we can shape the narrative, drive change, and uplift each other along the way. Joining DRUUMM is also more than gaining access to resources; it’s about finding a home within a community that understands, supports, and celebrates our unique identity and journey.

Membership starts at $15/year, and no one has been turned away due to financial hardship. We have group memberships available. Join us: https://druumm.org/membership/

Questions or concerns? Please contact [email protected] or call (617) 221-8589.