Embracing the Flow: Sept 16 at Murray Grove

Hey folks, mark your calendars for the DRUUMM Retreat at the Grove happening on September 16th, 2023! It’s going to be a day filled with inspiration, connection, and our Unitarian Universalist community. And guess what? We’re heading to the beautiful Universalist Center at Murray Grove in central New Jersey!

Now, you might be wondering what this gathering is all about. Well, it’s all about embracing the flow of life and change, just like water does. You know, water has this incredible ability to adapt and overcome obstacles, and in times of uncertainty. So, we’re diving deep into the symbolism of “Embracing the Flow” and how we can learn from its resilience.

For us Unitarian Universalist People of Color, this is more than just a picnic at the beach. It’s a chance to reflect on what drives us in our spiritual journey and how we can thrive, just like our ancestors did. They faced some tough times, but they persevered, and we can draw strength from their experiences.

Picture this: a serene setting at Murray Grove, surrounded by nature’s beauty. We’ll have multicultural worship, engaging activities, and even some field games. The retreat is a family-friendly retreat, open to DRUUMM Members, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Friends, and Multiracial Families. We’ll have a dedicated multicultural children’s program, and concurrent youth & adult BIPOC and White Antiracist programming. Bring the kids along, and they can make new friends too!

We believe that together, we can create a powerful and vibrant community. By having intentional discussions and shared experiences, we break down barriers and grow stronger together. This gathering is all about connections and faith. We’ll form deep bonds, forge new friendships, and discover what truly makes us tick as a DRUUMM community. Our experiences, both positive and negative, will shape our spiritual growth, and we’re all here to support one another.

So, if you’re looking for a day of self-discovery, unity, and some soul-stirring experiences, join us at the DRUUMM Gathering at the Grove. Register now at druumm.org/events, and let’s embrace the flow of life together! We can’t wait to see you!