Soulful Stewards: Installation Ceremony August 23rd

Members and Friends – you are invited to our Installation Ceremony of the DRUUMM Steering Committee on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 at 8:00 PM Eastern. Register at

We are deeply grateful to our devoted members who are heeding the call to leadership and service. As we welcome a new chapter in our journey, DRUUMM warmly invites all members and special guests to our Installation Ceremony of the 2022-2023 DRUUMM Steering Committee, scheduled to be held virtually via Zoom.

This significant event is not just about the formalities. It is a heartfelt celebration of the sacred covenantal relationship between our cherished DRUUMM community and the incoming DRUUMM Steering Committee. We will be honoring our renewed commitments and aspirations, crafting a shared ministry for the coming term.

For us, this is more than a ceremony. It’s a powerful moment where our theology is tangibly expressed in relationships. This ceremony serves as a testament to the core principles of Unitarian Universalism, where the confluence of the individual, community, and the Spirit is revered and cherished.

The ceremony will be spearheaded by the dynamic DRUUMM Chaplains Team and our lead chaplain, Rev. Manish Mishra-Marzetti. We are also honored to have guest officiants joining us, including Rev. Clyde Grubbs, Dr. Janice Marie Johnson, and Rev. Sangye Hawke, each bringing their unique insights and blessings.

RSVP for the ceremony at

Zoom details will be provided upon RSVP.

Meet the DRUUMM Steering Committee for 2022-2023:

  • Esperanza Garza-Danweber, President
  • Tomi Fatunde, Vice-President
  • Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel, Vice-President
  • Michelle Venegas-Matula, Secretary
  • Kate Goka, Treasurer
  • Nico Van Ostrand, Outreach
  • Karin Lin, Communications
  • Verdis Robinson, General Assembly
  • Rev. Michael Crumpler, UUA Liaison

We look forward to seeing each of you virtually as we celebrate this pivotal moment in our DRUUMM journey!