SC Nominations Due March 31

We’re in the search for members interested in being a candidate for the DRUUMM Steering Committee! DRUUMM is at a beautiful moment where we have grown our organization to over 400 members and have develop a core staff team with a consulting minister and administrator who work in concert with our volunteer Steering Committee.

This is an opportunity to serve and steward a faith-full, multicultural, transformative community. While DRUUMM cultivates a range of leadership roles, with the intention of creating opportunities at many levels, our Steering Committee requires the most serious and steady commitment. We work by consensus, and thus reliable participation is crucial for our decision-making and collective trust.

The Steering Committee meets on average 2x monthly for up to 2 hours as a full committee or in workgroups. We are committed to an annual retreat, ideally in-person pandemic permitting, and engage weekly via our Slack workspace and messaging. You can learn more about our work by visiting and viewing our organizational by-laws, and scheduling time to speak with one of our nominating committee members.

The DRUUMM Steering Committee currently has portfolio roles, with the following positions open for election in June 2023: 1st Vice-President (1 year term) 2nd Vice-President – Religious Professional (2 year term) Secretary (1 year term) Outreach Coordinator (3 year term) We are also seeking co-convenors for several of our DRUUMM cultural caucuses and advisory committees. Learn more by completed the interest application below. If you would be interested, would you take 15 minutes to complete a short DRUUMM SC Interest Survey.  We’ll set up a follow-up phone call to discuss in March.  We’ll provide you with some more background information on internal DRUUMM strengths assessment, as well as our financial status.

Nominating individuals will be announced in advance of the June electronic voting period. Voting will conclude during the UUA General Assembly coinciding with our DRUUMM annual meeting. Please complete this short application by March 31, 2023.  

Thank you! Michelle Matula-Venegas, Secretary [email protected]

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