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Leading with Love: Steering Committee Installation Ceremony

We invite you to celebrate the beginning of the new term for our Steering Committee and attend our Installation Ceremony. This special service is a testament to the boundless potential of humanity and our faith’s commitment to uplift every voice and build communities of care. We’re honored to have the ceremony led by Lead Chaplain […]

We Count What Matters: The Quest for Accurate Racial/Ethnic Data

It’s a call for self-awareness that dates back to the 1981 UUA Racism Audit and echoes still in our 2020 Widening the Circle Report. The collective cry for consistent racial and ethnic data collection has yet to be adequately addressed by UU institutions. Currently, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) […]

Soulful Stewards: Installation Ceremony August 23rd

Members and Friends – you are invited to our Installation Ceremony of the DRUUMM Steering Committee on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 at 8:00 PM Eastern. Register at We are deeply grateful to our devoted members who are heeding the call to leadership and service. As we welcome a new chapter in our journey, DRUUMM […]

Embracing the Flow: Sept 16 at Murray Grove

Hey folks, mark your calendars for the DRUUMM Retreat at the Grove happening on September 16th, 2023! It’s going to be a day filled with inspiration, connection, and our Unitarian Universalist community. And guess what? We’re heading to the beautiful Universalist Center at Murray Grove in central New Jersey! Now, you might be wondering what […]

Embracing Deeper Ministry and Community Connections

On May 7, DRUUMM member Marianne Jew and her home congregation (East Suburban UU Church), friends, and family covenanted together and celebrated her new role as a Commissioned Lay Minister (CLM). The Commissioned Lay Ministry program is offered through the Central East Region (CER), “… designed to help lay leaders take their ministry and service […]

? Welcome our new DRUUMM Steering Committee Members

Our elections have concluded with 88 members voting this year, an increase from 74 in 2022 and 63 in 2021. After a rigorous process, we have nominated and elected outstanding individuals who will play key roles in shaping the future of our organization and community. Please join us in welcoming the following members: Tomi Fatunde […]